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Silverstone - uk

Comments after the race at Silverstone

Thomas Biagi: «It was a splendid race. Mika and I drove as if in qualifying from the first to the last lap».

Mika Salo: «It was great to get behind the wheel of the MC12 after so long, even though it was tricky getting used to a GT1 (the Finn is currently appearing in a GTS in the ALMS series) and the new rules that call for attentive use of the brakes. I am very happy. We did well during the entire weekend and it is pleasing to see my name on the Tourist Trophy».

Thomas Biagi (2):
«I had a few problems with traffic that meant I lost a little time. The car was consistent throughout the weekend and in the two-hour race thanks to the team’s fine work».










Comments after the qualifying at Silverstone

Thomas Biagi: «We worked hard and did the best we could».

Andrea Bertolini: «We used a different tyre compond to that we employed in qualifying. This option was taken as the team discovered the compound to be better performing when they tested it in the morning. The car is fine even though, given the Bureau's decisions, we will have to balance the cars' performance».

Thomas Biagi (2): «We lack speed in the straights compared to other cars. This is not due to the technical set up of the engine or the aerodynamics of the car but the fact that we have stricter restrictions than the others. This will make overtaking difficult for us but we will give our all and hope our strategy works in our favour».

Alessandro Pier Guidi: «I am fairly pleased though I could have improved my time by a fraction as, on my fast lap, there was another car obstructing me, though it did let me through. We should do well in the race».