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Adria - italy

Bertolini - Piccini

Comments after the race at Adria

Andrea Piccini: «Considering our start position, the extra weight we had on board and how hard it is to overtake on this track, second place is a brilliant result».

Maurizio Leschiutta: «I would like to thank our technical sponsors Pirelli as they worked very hard to supply a new and consistent tyre that performed great. We had good feedback from the tests in Valencia and today’s race confirmed this».

Andrea Bertolini: «I would like to dedicate this podium finish to a very important person for my home town, Modena. He was also loved throughout the world: Luciano Pavarotti. As for the race, I am content with second as we made the most of Biagi’s bad luck to move back into contention in the championship. I want to thank the entire team and, most of all, Pirelli, as they backed us up throughout and supplied a superb set of tyres. Things look bright for the future».

Andrea Piccini (2): «Together with Pirelli, we decided to sacrifice the qualifying spot to have a consistent and high-performing tyre in the race. Today we dropped fifteen seconds and so missed out on the win because of another car”.Michael Bartels: “It is difficult to put a race like this into words. The car was quick, consistent and performed well, despite the extra weight we had. Unfortunately, Biagi missed out on crucial championship points after clashing with Lichtner’s Aston Martin. Now the Drivers’ championship is more open as Bertolini/Piccini are just three points down on Thomas. It was good to see Ramos and Montanari drive so well, not only because they managed to defend their position from Hezeman towards the end (Hezeman and his partner, Deletraz, are five points off Biagi in the overall standings, ed) but also because they were very competitive. I say this even though we were aiming for the podium. It is too bad that we will still have 30kg of ballast at Brno after this result».

Miguel Ramos: «It was difficult race but enjoyable race. We proved that we were competitive and only a slight problem at the pit stop meant that we did not improve our position. In any case, compliments should go to the drivers who did make the podium as they put on a good show. The next race will be important and I think we will be even more of a threat. This championship is great because now anyone is in with a chance of winning».

Christian Montanari: «We pushed on even though it was really tough early on. As more rubber was put down on the track, the car handled differently and we managed to overtake Kumpen’s Corvette and Babini in the Aston. It is a shame about the time we lost in the pits even though we, Miguel (Ramos, ed) and I, gave our all. Luckily the lapped drivers gave us a clear track and this made a difficult and intense race a little easier. The car performed well and the brakes were superb throughout. Now we go to Brno hoping to collect more championship points».

Thomas Biagi:
«I would like to think that the glass is half full as I still lead the Drivers’ championship. However, this is only part consolation. We worked very hard during the weekend to set up the car for the race. I’m not saying we could have won but we were hoping to finish in the top five. Losing points as we did is annoying».





Comments after the qualifying at Adria

Christian Montanari: «This morning, in the first free practice session, we used the old tyres and in the second the new ones».
Thomas Biagi: «We worked hard in the second free practice stint and I managed to switch into race mode and set some consistently quick lap times. The car is pretty well balanced and this gives me a positive feeling going into the race. Saying this, qualifying didn’t go as I hoped it would. We are very close together though: the top ten are within a second of each other and, considering the 95kg of ballast I have to cope with, I am quite happy.
I think I ran a good lap, on the limit but clean. In this championship, having extra ballast in the car skews the result a little but it is the same for everyone. Hezeman’s performance stood out for me because he managed to clock third even with 70kg of ballast on board. It has to be said, though, that the Corvettes suffer less than we do from the restrictor size limitation. We are hopeful going into the main event and I believe that we can compete as the race package delivers. It will be important not to lose points to our direct adversaries and, if possible, gain some».

Christian Montanari (2): «The car was competitive right away and the set up we chose allowed us to snatch the second best time. On the back of this, we went into qualifying thinking that we could do well and second place only confirmed this. I hope the race will be an exciting one and not only because it will be run at night. We have worked hard and hope that we can finish on the podium. The MC12 brakes and accelerates well, but we knew this already. Given the size of our restrictors, we thought that there would be a bigger gap us and the other cars but the track layout meant that we could limit the distance».