2006 FIA GT Championship

The Bertolini dream, the dependable MC12

After the disappointment of the final race in 2005, Andrea Bertolini switched to the Vitaphone Racing Team.

Together with Michael Bartels, one of the first drivers to recognise the MC12’s potential, he was crowned champion after making an amazing comeback on Andrea Piccini’s Aston Martin. It was also a memorable year for Maserati which backed up its official driver’s triumph when Vitaphone Racing took the Team title.

All that was missing was the Manufacturers’ Cup that the Modenese company claimed in 2005 but the ‘smaller number’ of MC12s compared to its English rivals meant that Maserati could not really compete.
Still, the MC12s battled hard in the knowledge that this particular title will be theirs once more…


01Andrea Bertolini71
02Michael Bartels71
03Jean-Denis Deletraz62
04Andrea Piccini62
05Jarek Janis58
06Sascha Bert56
07Thomas Biagi54
08Jamie Davies54
09Fabio Babini51
10Mike Hezemans48