Road America - usa

Road America race track

The Elkhart Lake circuit, better known as Road America, is 6,437 metres in length. It includes fourteen curves and three straights. The track is characterized by its mix of curves. The slower ones are easily negotiated but it is in the faster curves that the driver can make the difference. Like many American circuits, Road America offers a number of overtaking points if the driver gets his line right going into the curve. Correct positioning means that he is set for accelerating and catching unawares whoever is leading him.

One of the trickiest sections is Carousel, a very wide chicane that leads into the right-hand Kink curve. It is a very quick stretch and one that leaves little margin for error. Canada Corner is one of the drivers’ favourite overtaking spots as it allows them to profit from even the tiniest of errors of those in front of them.

It is a fast, demanding circuit for the drivers. The uneven terrain and frequent ups and downs make it crucial to get the set up and the calibration of the suspension and springs just right.