Pit & paddock

Imola - italy

Comments after the race

Johnny Herbert: «We achieved a great result.»

Luca di Montezemolo: «I am pleased with this result with both cars making the podium; this is testimony to all the work done at Maserati. After twenty-five years, the return to the track could not have gone any better for a manufacturer that is part of automobile history.»

Martin Leach:
«We are very happy with this performance, achieved after a week of hard work. Having two Maserati on the podium is much more than we could have expected. It really is very satisfying. The MC12 proved to be reliable and fast. It is a great result for a new supercar.»

Claudio Berro:
«We knew that we had a good chance thanks to the reliability of the cars. Our performance was good during the whole race. Having both cars on the podium means that we can look ahead to the next race with confidence. I would like to thank all our partners, in particular Pirelli, for all the help given during the development of the MC12 and here at Imola.»

Andrea Bertolini:
«We are satisfied with the result. The car fared very well and so we pushed a little harder during the race, changing to a softer tyre than the ones we used for the start. The support of Pirelli was extremely important in obtaining this result.»

Mika Salo:
«I am pleased with the second spot. Everything went very well. The car was perfect. I did not suffer too much because the cabin was very comfortable. I managed to go particularly fast for a part of the race and I expect to challenge for the win in Germany.»

Johnny Herbert (2):
«Fabrizio and I raced well and consistently, getting to know the car all the way. Towards the end of the race the track was a little dirty and I spun though I got back up to pace quickly and crossed the finish line without any problems.»

Fabrizio De Simone:
«We worked well and everything went well in testing. We maintained a high pace and adopted the right strategy. We made conservative choices throughout, privileging the reliability, and this decision bore fruit.»